Lake Lotawana Italian Marble Epoxy Flooring

Italian marble flooring, Lake Lotawana, MO

Italian Marble is a timeless flooring option that has graced the finest castles, mansions, and hotel lobbies for centuries. Speakman Coatings can accurately reproduce this high-end look for your most discerning customers.

When you want nothing short of the most luxurious interiors opt for Italian marble.

Our Italian Marble Epoxy system adds a unique marbleizing spray process to our classic Metallic Marble stain to reproduce the elegant veining and patterns, that have made marble so sought after. This realistic marble technique adds sophistication and depth to your flooring project.

With high luster and a crystal-like appearance, Italian marble can add a dreamy touch to your home and are much more delicate and porous than their Indian counterparts. They are sourced from various regions across Italy and come here in slabs or blocks.

If you are someone confused about selecting the marble for your dream house or commercial project, Let us know. Happy to help. 



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